Besties, and a few old favorites

I recently had the pleasure of writing some music for a few projects at the newly launched website Polygon.  One of those projects was creating theme music for The Besties Podcast, a gaming podcast by a few of my favorite game journos.

The podcast’s original theme music was a licensed track from George & Jonathan.  I’m not completely sure how one might best classify their stuff.  It more or less fits under the “chiptune” umbrella, but it’s also heaped with gloriously cheesy 80s pop nostalgia and a sprinkling of funk.  If that sounds appealing to you, definitely give it a listen.  It’s amazingly well done.

Anyway, I was given the task of coming up with an original theme that would be musically distinct, but still channel a little of that chiptune vibe.  The result is a little different from anything I’ve done before, with electronic drums and retro synths coexisting with live acoustic guitar and bass, and an absurdly catchy melody that was stuck in my head for days.

I also went back and added a new set to my portfolio page to include some quirky and random material that doesn’t fit elsewhere.  I excavated and polished up a few old favorites to include.  Enjoy!

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