It’s not nearly as dark, dusty and moody around here as it used to be! Thanks to some heroic work by the awesome Oliver Janoschek I have finally moved to a stylin’ new site and domain.

A few noteworthy news items after the jump.

First, Airborn has finally launched an official Facebook page featuring some lovely new concept art and screenshots. I’ve been working with this ridiculously talented team for a few years now, and I am really excited to show you what we’ve been cooking up. Be sure to ‘like’ us for the most current updates on the game.

Second, I recently wrote a hybrid orchestral track for Shadowrun Online. I used to play 1st edition pen & paper Shadowrun back in the day, and I’ve still got a stack of rulebooks in my studio closet, so my inner 15-year-old was pretty stoked to write this music. Enjoy:

Finally, I had the opportunity to write a demo for Impact Soundworks’ upcoming sample library, Shreddage 2. Those of you who enjoy my heavier stuff will probably dig this one. All guitars are actually Shreddage 2, played in real time on keyboard. Raise the horns.

3 Responses to changes

  1. Dana says:

    My dad (aka mr. choir director, baritone, Papageno, gaming nerd extraordinaire) was into Shadowrun once upon a time. I’ll pass on the info about your involvement w/ the music. :)