New music, and plans for 2013

That thing that just blurred past was apparently January 2013, so I guess it is a little late for a ‘happy new year’ post.  I will endeavor to make up for it by posting some new tunes from some current projects!

The first is from a game called Kingdom Commander, a spiritual successor to the PC classic Moonbase Commander.  Kingdom Commander takes place in a fantasy world, but it is more G.R.R. Martin than Tolkien, and the goal for the score was to express some of that weight and darkness while still maintaining a fantasy adventure vibe.  First Battle is gameplay music from Kingdom Commander:

The second is from the retro sci fi shooter Rotor. Rotor is rooted in early 90s arcade and PC gaming, so I decided to go with a style and palette that would evoke some of my favorite soundtracks and recordings from that time: Hans Zimmer’s early soundtrack work, Patrick O’Hearn’s Between Two Worlds and Peter Maunu’s Warm Sound in a Gray Field. I busted out a few hardware synths for this one, including my trusty old Korg Wavestation EX, Roland XP-80 and the General MIDI set from my Roland XV-5080 for some extra old school goodness.

In non-soundtrack news, 2013 is the year that I finally make the time to finish the album project that I started on back in 2011.  I’ll post more about that when I have more to report, but for now, here is a proof of concept instrumental demo from 2011:

3 Responses to New music, and plans for 2013

  1. Ann Gray says:

    Okay, I may be almost 65, but Ian’s music always makes me get goose bumps. I am not cold, I am moved.
    Knowing Ian helps because I see and know his uncomparable talent and his sensitive, caring spirit that echoes his humor and depth.
    He’s a keeper!

  2. Sharron Whitesel says:

    Wow, Ian, these are wonderful! You are so talented and congratulations! Love and hugs to you all!