I can’t say enough good things about Ian Dorsch. I’ve worked with a fair number of musicians and composers across various media, but Ian is someone I’d consider to be a musician’s musician and a composer’s composer. He _gets_ music in a way few other musicians I’ve worked with have. I’ve yet to set a challenge before him he’s not been able to master, and I’ve asked him to do some ridiculous compositions. During the nine months or so Ian worked for my Insomnia Productions as musical director, I’d frequently call him at some ungodly hour, remind him of an obscure musical reference and then ask for “something just like that.” Without fail, he’d deliver on time and beyond my expectations.

The occasions I’ve had to work with him on more custom pieces of composition have been even more magical. As a musician, Ian knows exactly how to bend each instrument to his will, and produce just the right sound. As a composer, he knows how to translate a producer’s vision into a stunning musical composition. I used to say that working with musicians made me wish I could play an instrument myself. But working with Ian makes me wish I could work with him every day, and let him play the instruments for me.

Russ Pitts
Founding Editor