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Prey for the Gods Update!

Kickstarter campaign is live!  New trailer is up, with new music from me! Go see what we’ve been up to, and maybe even contribute if you feel like it.  We really appreciate it.

Prey for the Gods

The reveal trailer for Prey for the Gods went live last week.  I scored the trailer in collaboration with the talented sound designers at SkewSound, and will also be creating the soundtrack for the game.


That terrifying rushing sound you may have just heard was the first half of 2015 vanishing into a massive, ravenous cosmic wormhole.  Before the first six months of year were devoured forever, there were a few events of note: Card … Continue reading

Card Dungeon

Over the past several months, I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful guys at Playtap Games to create a score for their game Card Dungeon, now out on the App Store.  This charming game is a dash … Continue reading

The Magician’s Land

I recently had the opportunity to score a book trailer for one of my favorite authors, Lev Grossman.  Lev’s concept for the trailer was to crowdsource a reading of the opening of the novel, with homemade videos submitted by both … Continue reading

Looking back, and forward

We are almost a month into 2014, and the New Year is already beginning to have that lived-in feeling.  Days are gradually getting longer.  I haven’t accidentally written ’2013′ on anything for AT LEAST one week.  All things considered, it … Continue reading

Fresh tunes

As a teenager, I loved to pore through the liner notes of my favorite albums looking for lists of synthesizers and samplers that the artists had used in the recording, and I loved to dissect the arrangements from product demo … Continue reading

Almost Spring

Days are slowly getting longer, and although it is still soggy and grey on the Washington coast, there is evidence that we may soon be able to turn off our SAD lamps and stop pounding vitamin D supplements!  As usual, … Continue reading